NCI-FM is happy to provide Manitoba with NCI’s Mini Loonie Pot Bingo, Saturday’s at 10am on the NCI-FM Network, with thousands of dollars in prizes given away each week! Through your support NCI is able to maintain and expand the NCI radio network throughout Manitoba. License #625BI.



Mini Loonie Pot Bingo

Bingo is a fun way to start your Saturday morning! Tune in to NCI Radio Bingo at 10:00 A.M. every Saturday for the Mini Loonie Pot Bingo and Full House Blackout Bingo.

We play two games on Saturday morning, the first is for a solid diamond and then a blackout prize.

The first game is the solid diamond game and win the Loonie pot $262,787.00 plus a dollar from every card sold if someone completes the pattern with the last number to complete the pattern being one of the mini loonie numbers. Color of Card – Purple/Green

This game has a consolation prize $4,600.00

Mini Loonie Numbers for OCTOBER  27, 2018  are: B2  I17  N42  G52  O71

BINGO_FULLThe second game is the full house or blackout bingo and has a prize $1,500.00 for completing the pattern in 45 numbers or fewer. This game also has a consolation prize of $1,500.00. The winner of both bingo games is determined by the person who would bingo in the fewest numbers needed to completed the pattern.

1. O72 16. G48 31. O73 46. I29 61. XXX
2. B07 17. N32 32. G57 47. N39 62. XXX
3. N40 18. B03 33. G55 48. I25 63. XXX
4. G47 19. N42 34. N37 49. G58 64. XXX
5. O70 20. O75 35. I27 50. B09■ 65. XXX
6. G50 21. I17 36. I22 51. G52 66. XXX
7. O67 22. B14 37. I21 ♦ 52. N35 67. XXX
8. O62 23. O66 38. O69 53. N41 68. XXX
9. G53 24. O65 39. I18 54. G56 69. XXX
10. B05 25. I19 40. I24 55. XXX 70. XXX
11. B06 26. G46 41. N31 56. XXX 71. XXX
12. N34 27. G54 42. G49 57. XXX 72. XXX
13. N43 28. B04 43. O74 58. XXX 73. XXX
14. I20 29. B08 44. B02 59. XXX 74. XXX
15. I23 30. O63 45. B01 60. XXX 75. XXX

For a list of all the bingo prize totals please see Bingo Winners below on this page. Players must contact NCI by noon on the next business day following the bingo in order to claim a prize. To report a bingo, please call 204-224-2273. Through your support NCI is able to maintain and expand the NCI radio network throughout Manitoba. License #BI-625..

♦ = Where the Diamond Game was won

= Where the Black-Out Game was won


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Bingo Winners

Winners for Saturday, October 20, 2018

Consolation Prize Winner on Solid Diamond were:

Gloria McPherson – Fisher River Brenda Flett – Split Lake Lorraine Proulx – Churchill

They each won: $1,500.00

Next Saturday: October 27, 2018 Loonie Pot: $262,787.00 (plus $1.00 of sales)

Consolation Prize: $4,600.00 The Blackout Bingo  Prize Winners was:

Joyce Maniel – Lynn Lake She won: $2,300.00

Next Saturday: October 27, 2018 – Purple Blackout Prize:

$1,500.00 in 45 numbers or less Consolation Prize: $1,500.00